Since 2003 I am passionate about working as a freelancer but also being part temporarily of creative teams in order to create 3D visual Assets to tell stories.
Working on various bigger and smaller projects for global and local agencies and friends I can support not only in 3D Renderings but also in Animation and 2D Motion Design.
For my clients I have developed product presentations, TV commercials, feature films, installations, architectural visualisations, Trailers, InfoDiagrammes, Logoanimations etc.
I’m always open for new things to discover and currently available for freelance work!


Havas/ Düsseldorf
BBDO/ San Francisco
EnergyBBDO/ Chicago
Huawei Technologies/ Munich
Product Tales/ Berlin
HUM Systems/ Berlin
Gravity/ Munich
Smal/ Munich
Persuaid/ Munich
Griffwerk/ Blaustein
Designaffairs/ Munich
Punchinpictures/ Munich
ARRI/ Munich
AMV BBDO/ London
Kropac Media/ Ingolstadt
Havas Media UK/ London
Mainworks/ Munich
Woodblock/ Munich
M.A.R.K.13/ Stuttgart
Glassworks/ Amsterdam

Cinema 4D/ Redshift Render/ Autodesk Softimage/ After Effects/ Photoshop/ Premiere/ Natron